It’s Part of the Job

This report focuses on torture and ill-treatment by the Internal Security Forces (ISF) which is Lebanon’s main police force, and in particular the Drug Repression Bureau and members of the ISF who enforce “morality-related” laws against drug users, sex workers, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people. Link to Report

Fair trial rights and trial monitoring handbook (Cambodia)

The Cambodian Center for Human Rights published this handbook to share their experience and knowledge in trial monitoring and to strengthen the protection and promotion of fair trial rights and the due administration of justice in Cambodia through the monitoring of criminal trials. Link to Document

The “Right” to a fair trial

This report aims to present reasons as to why people generally do not have the right to a fair trial, and aims to explain the fair administration of justice from a more realistic approach. Link to Report

A. P. v. Italy

This document details the case of  an Italian citizen who was convicted for same offence in two countries, a violation of article 14, paragraph 7, of the Covenant by the Italian Government. Link to Document

Public Access and the Right to a Fair Trial in China

This article describes  the system through which the public is allowed access to trials in China, and the challenges which this poses to the transparency of the Chinese justice system. Link to Article

Principles and Guidelines on the Right to a Fair Trial and Legal Assistance in Africa

This guide elaborates, in detail,  the principles and guidelines on the right to a fair trial and Legal Assistance in Africa within the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights. Link to Document

Unequal and Unprotected

This report highlights the discriminatory nature of Lebanese Personal Status Laws, and the challenges that these pose to women in Lebanon. Link to Report

Legal Aid in Lebanon

This report presents findings on the state of legal aid in Lebanon, and gives recommendations to improve the legal aid system in Lebanon. Link to Report

Women Behind Bars: Arbitrary Detention and Torture Lebanon

This report presents the reality of the situation of women in detention in Lebanon. It specifically highlights occurrences of torture and arbitrary detention. Link to Report

Can growing pressure make Lebanon’s army reform its military courts

This article analyzes the challenges which the Lebanese mulitary Court poses to the Lebanese justice system. Link to Article