Monitoring and Advocacy

The program works through concerted actions based on fact-finding and reporting, and the production of studies, reports and other publications on various human rights-related issues followed by field-inspired lobbying and advocacy. ALEF’s projects combine research with awareness-raising and advocacy campaigns in order to mobilize both the community as well as policy and opinion makers towards the protection, respect, and fulfillment of human rights. The program entails ongoing monitoring supported by the building of ALEF’s expertise in international human rights law, international humanitarian law, as well as national and regional legal mechanisms. The program also offers ad hoc training workshops on monitoring and reporting, advocacy and UN mechanisms.

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Human Rights Education and Outreach

The Human Rights Education and Outreach (HREO) program seeks to promote the culture of human rights and peace through a cumulative participatory process in which individuals, notably youth, are empowered to become actors of change in their respective communities. The HREO program is based on an experiential learning and participatory approach through which the participant gets to experience and reflect on certain situations and then relate them to true-life situations they have been through. It also addresses the role of each in the promotion and respect of human rights disregarding the social status, professional activity or other considerations; the end goal being to build a human rights constituency.

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prevention-of-tortureTorture Prevention

conflict-managementConflict Management

fair-trialFair Trial

migrant-workersMigrant Workers

freedom-of-expressionFreedom of Expression

refugeesRefugees and Displaced People

social-rightsSocial Rights

human-rights-defendersHuman Rights Defenders

un-instrumentsHuman Rights Instruments

pwdPeople with Disability

women-rightsWomen Rights

security-sector-reformSecurity Sector Reform

freedom-of-counsciousFreedom of Counscious

freedom-of-assemblyFreedom of Assembly



death-penaltyDeath Penalty

child-rightsChild Rights