Lessons learned from Lebanon elections: Reforming Human Rights’ Policies

The recently held elections in Lebanon carried several controversial elements – in both how they were organized and their results – but validated one assumption: the absence of a public will to reform human rights policies. Lebanon has been into successive and often concurrent political, security, economic and social crisis since it became independent in [...]

Why financial assistance alone is not enough

The need for a comprehensive response to the Syrian refugee crisis George Ghali[1] The European Union’s international conference “Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region”, better known as the Brussels conference (April 4-5), will essentially aim at assessing where the international community stands in fulfilling commitments made to address the Syrian crisis. As in [...]

في الرقابة…

د. ايلي أبو عون 1 أمين عام جمعية ألف–تحرك من أجل حقوق الأنسان أستاذ محاضر (زائر) في مادة حقوق الأنسان استعرت مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي مرة جديدة ابان اطلاق اغنية ميريام كلينك و استفاق الجدل عن الرقابة و دور الدولة في حماية القيم الاجتماعية. رغم أن الانقسام حول أغنية كلينك لم يكن بنفس الحدية التي رأيناها [...]