In February 2012 ALEF established the Syrian Refugees Monitoring Unit (SRMU) as a way to monitor the protection of Syrian refugees during the Syrian conflict. . SRMU is responsible for monitoring and documenting human rights violations against Syrian refugees in Lebanon through desk and field research.

SRMU has presented a series of reports and policy reformulation to the government of Lebanon that aims at positioning ALEF in the current policy debate nationally and internationally on refugee management. Within SRMU, ALEF participates in meetings of the national Protection Working Group and the Core Group of the Protection Working Group, in addition to the Social Cohesion and Livelihood Working Group. ALEF also participated in a series of conferences at the national and international, such as,, the High Commissioner Dialogue on Protection (Geneva December 2015), Supporting Syria and the Region Summit (London February 2016), United Nations Summit on Refugee and Displacement (New York September 2016).