The Triple Nexus Platform (TNP) is a subgroup of the PASC Working Group facilitated by ALEF- act for human rights and is part of the ‘Durable Solution for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon’ program funded by the Belgian Directorate-General for Development (Belgian government) and led by 11.11.11. The TNP aims to enhance collaboration among PASC members, focusing on joint analysis, best practices sharing, and developing advocacy briefings for policy discussions. 

Additionally, it offers a small fund for pilot projects aligning humanitarian, development, and peacebuilding efforts to address the Syrian refugee crisis in Lebanon. This joint advocacy briefing has been developed by the TNP to analyze reflections, lessons learnt, and best practices from the triple nexus pilot activities implemented through the pool fund, with practical recommendations for policy discussions. The briefing is based on pilot projects and a workshop that ALEF conducted with the PASC TNP in which the network members came together to share reflections and analyze the lessons learnt and best practices. Additionally, interviews were held with PASC TNP members to gather insights and collect their experiences and perspectives on the triple nexus approach.