Case Study

A. P. v. Italy

This document details the case of  an Italian citizen who was convicted for same offence in two countries, a violation of article 14, paragraph 7, of the Covenant by the Italian Government. Link to Document

Public Access and the Right to a Fair Trial in China

This article describes  the system through which the public is allowed access to trials in China, and the challenges which this poses to the transparency of the Chinese justice system. Link to Article

Lebanon: 3rd year of detention without trial of a female inmate in Baabda prison

This report documents the case of Mrs. Badria Abu Meri who had not been brought before a court for three years after her arrest. Link to Report

The Death Penalty Project: Authorities Database

This database documents judgments and other documents from jurisdictions around the world relating to fair trial rights  and the death penalty. Link to Database

African Human Rights Case Law Database: Fair Trial

This database indexes cases relating to fair trial  rights in more than 40 African states, in national and international courts, as well as United Nations teaty bodies. Link to Dtabase

Third Party Intervention: A.T. v Luxembourg

This report presents a third-party intervention to the European Court of Human Rights in the case of A.T. v. Luxembourg, which concerns the application of the principles established in the Court’s judgment in Salduz v. Turkey. Link to Report