Child Rights

MANARA network directors meeting

ALEF act for human rights participated to the regional director’s meeting of the MANARA network for child rights taking place in Beirut from 25 to 30 November 2016. The regional meeting focuses on the strategic framework of the network till 2022 including main challenges affecting child rights in the region. The current events in the [...]

Annual Report 2015

The following report highlights Lebanon’s improvements and setbacks of the most pressing human rights issues in 2015. The Lebanese government has shown a willingness to comply with certain human rights matters, however it clearly lacks the capacity and funds to improve legislation, enforce laws, and report to the United Nations (UN) properly. With regard to [...]

Child Lead Data Collection – MANARA Network

Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA)  PKL Conduct Child led data collection & child led advocacy 2015 – 2016 Arab Network for Child Rights (MANARA) Save the Children International  Nabaa Organization […]

Annual Report 2013

Lebanon’s 20th century civil war not only destabilized Lebanon, but also devastated the country’s development and protection of human rights. Its domestic legal order is now dysfunctional and often does not operate independently from the government. Today, the judicial system is subject to the whimsical decisions of statesmen and is constantly hijacked by opposing forces, [...]

Annual Report 2002

Even if it is extremely hard to generalize a comparison between the current situation of Human Rights in Lebanon to its past, we still consider that some few points are comparable. Certain violations reflect the authorities’ attitude and the priority that they give to the respect of Human Rights in their agenda. Our report will [...]