Lebanon’s Political rights and Freedoms: A submission to the Universal Periodic Review

The following report highlights Lebanon’s improvements and setbacks in a series of most pressing human rights issues throughout the implementation phase of the second cycle following Lebanon’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR) in 2015. The country, currently going through a series of crises such as the Lebanese protests that started on October 17, 2019, the financial [...]

Lessons learned from Lebanon elections: Reforming Human Rights’ Policies

The recently held elections in Lebanon carried several controversial elements – in both how they were organized and their results – but validated one assumption: the absence of a public will to reform human rights policies. Lebanon has been into successive and often concurrent political, security, economic and social crisis since it became independent in [...]

Annual Report 2015

The following report highlights Lebanon’s improvements and setbacks of the most pressing human rights issues in 2015. The Lebanese government has shown a willingness to comply with certain human rights matters, however it clearly lacks the capacity and funds to improve legislation, enforce laws, and report to the United Nations (UN) properly. With regard to [...]

Annual Report 2013

Lebanon’s 20th century civil war not only destabilized Lebanon, but also devastated the country’s development and protection of human rights. Its domestic legal order is now dysfunctional and often does not operate independently from the government. Today, the judicial system is subject to the whimsical decisions of statesmen and is constantly hijacked by opposing forces, [...]

The Human Rights Dilemma in Electoral Laws

The continuous search of the Lebanese polity for a proper electoral law able to achieve the simple tasks of any electoral law has failed repetitively. There have been nine different electoral laws for fourteen different parliamentary elections since the independence. Beside the normal political competition and manipulation, one of the main reasons for this failure, [...]

Observations on the Legislative Elections Held in the Year 2000

This report aims at showcasing the practices and violations documented during the parliamentary elections of the year 2000. Full Report: Rapport sur les elections legislatives libanaises - 2000 -Fr