Legal source

General Comment No. 32 Article 14: Right to equality before courts and tribunals and to a fair trial

In this General Comment, the Human Rights Committee  notes that the trial of civilians in military or special courts may raise serious problems as far as the equitable, impartial and independent administration of justice is concerned. Link to Document

Sixth Amendment: Rights of Accused In Criminal Prosecutions – Right To A Speedy And Public Trial

This text explains the rights of the accused to a speedy and public trial within the U.S. constitution. Link to Document

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, in its 14th article, details the various rights which should be guaranteed for the fulfillment of a fair trial. Link to Document

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, Resolution concerning the law applicable to emergency situations

This document interprets  the scope of the prohibition of the suspension of the judicial guarantees essential for the protection of the rights mentioned in Article 27(2) of the American Convention on Human Rights. Link to Document

Human Rights Committee, General Comment 13, Article 14, Compilation of General Comments and General Recommendations Adopted by Human Rights Treaty Bodies

Since Article 14 of the Iniernational Covenant on Civil and Political Rights is of a complex nature, this General Comment elaborates, in detail, the different aspects of the fair trial guarantees listed in the Coventant. Link to Report