Right not to incriminate oneself

A Fair Deal: Negotiating Justice

This report examines the main challenges relating to the use of plea deals in the United Sates, including ways in which the right to a fair trial is compromised as a result, and presents examples of good practice and potential reforms towards Improving the fairness of the growing global reliance on plea deals. Link to [...]

Droits de l’accusé dans un procès criminel

This article broadly explains the rights of the accused in Québec from the right to be states retained charges to the right to counsel. Link to Article

Communique: Presumption of innocence and the right to be present at trial

This report is a proposed directive on the strengthening of certain aspects of the presumption of innocence and of the right to be present at trial in criminal proceedings. Link to Report

Third Party Intervention: ?ierny v Slovakia

This report presents a  third-party intervention to the European Court of Human Rights in the case of ?ierny v Slovakia, which, inter alia, requires an assessment of whether a waiver of the right to a lawyer and the right to silence was validly given. Link to Report