Fair trial rights and trial monitoring handbook (Cambodia)

The Cambodian Center for Human Rights published this handbook to share their experience and knowledge in trial monitoring and to strengthen the protection and promotion of fair trial rights and the due administration of justice in Cambodia through the monitoring of criminal trials. Link to Document

Fair trial manual- second edition

This manual explains how fair trial rights have been interpreted by human rights bodies and by international courts. It covers rights before and during trial, and during appeals. It also covers special cases, including death penalty trials, cases brought against children, and fair trial rights during armed conflict. Link to Document

The right to a fair trial: A guide to the implementation of Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights

This guide is designed to introduce all those involved in the administration of justice to the guarantees contained in Article 6 of the European Convention for Human Rights. It also answers basic questions as to how fair trial standards should be achieved. Link to Document

Guide on Article 6: Right to a Fair Trial

This guide informs legal practitioners about the fundamental judgments delivered by the European Court for Human Rights while specifically analyzing the case-law on Article 6 of the European Convention for Human Rights: the right to a fair trial. Link to Document

The Right to a Fair Trial: Part I – From Investigation to Trial

This guide highlights the principal international legal rules concerning the individual rights that must be secured during criminal investigations, and the application of these rules by the international monitoring organs. Link to Document

What is a Fair Trial?

This guide for trial observers and NGOs engage in trial monitoring defines what are the basic legal standards that should be used in evaluating the fairness of a trial. It also explains how a trial observation mission should be prepared and carried out in practice. Link to Document  

Rights of the Defence and Assistance of the Accused

These seminar notes on the law of the European Court of Human Rights in Criminal Matters detail the rights of the defence and assistance of the accused within article 6 § 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights. Link to Document

Lawfulness of arrest and detention and the Presumption of innocence.

This presentation examines recent European Court for Human Rights case-law that touched on the right to liberty and security (Article 5), and the presumption of innocence (Article 6(2)) Link to Document

Issues in focus – Working Group on Arbitrary Detention

These reports present observations by the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention on the different institutions, legal insufficiencies, policies, and judicial practices which, in its opinion, are the cause for the occurrence of cases of arbitrary deprivation of liberty, and on best practices safeguarding against arbitrary deprivation of liberty. Link to Reports