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Promoting the rule of law and integrity in the Arab world

This report offers a contextual background on the state of the judiciary in Lebanon, analyzes the principles which govern it, and presents needed policy recommendations. Link to Report

Lebanon: 3rd year of detention without trial of a female inmate in Baabda prison

This report documents the case of Mrs. Badria Abu Meri who had not been brought before a court for three years after her arrest. Link to Report

Lebanon immigration Detention

This report  investigates the use of immigration-related detention in Leanon's detention centers, presenting several cases where these detainees' right to a fair trial was violated. Link to Report

Marshalling Justice in Lebanon: How Military Courts Violate the Conditions of a Fair Trial

This article explains the structure and functionality of the Lebanese Military Court, and how it violates the most basic principles of the fair administration of justice. Link to Article

Right to a Fair Trial

This factsheet briefly explains section 21 of the Human Rights Act of the Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly. Link to Document

Fair trial manual- second edition

This manual explains how fair trial rights have been interpreted by human rights bodies and by international courts. It covers rights before and during trial, and during appeals. It also covers special cases, including death penalty trials, cases brought against children, and fair trial rights during armed conflict. Link to Document

EU charter of fundamental rights

This text explains in detail Article 47 of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights: the right to an effective remedy and to a fair tria. It also presents relevant case law and related publications by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights. Link to Document

General Comment No. 32 Article 14: Right to equality before courts and tribunals and to a fair trial

In this General Comment, the Human Rights Committee  notes that the trial of civilians in military or special courts may raise serious problems as far as the equitable, impartial and independent administration of justice is concerned. Link to Document

Sixth Amendment: Rights of Accused In Criminal Prosecutions – Right To A Speedy And Public Trial

This text explains the rights of the accused to a speedy and public trial within the U.S. constitution. Link to Document

The right to a fair trial: A guide to the implementation of Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights

This guide is designed to introduce all those involved in the administration of justice to the guarantees contained in Article 6 of the European Convention for Human Rights. It also answers basic questions as to how fair trial standards should be achieved. Link to Document