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Human Right #10: Right To Fair Trial

This short film sheds light on the importance of the right to a fair trial. Link to Video

Should national security ever trump the right to a fair trial?

This article debates the need to balance the right to a fair trial against the need to protect national security in light of whether ‘secret’ evidence from convicted murderer Wang Yam can be heard at the European court of human rights. Link to Article

Fair Trial

This article presents a legal explanation to the right to a fair trial as reflected in the United States laws and constitution. Link to Article

Droits de l’accusé dans un procès criminel

This article broadly explains the rights of the accused in Québec from the right to be states retained charges to the right to counsel. Link to Article

Language Rights in the Courts – The Law in Your Life

This video shows what languages may be used in Canadian courts and the different provisions that apply to the right to language. Link to Video (EN) (FR)

Realizing Justice: The Development of Fair Trial Rights in China

This article discusses China’s ongoing efforts to guarantee that basic fair trial rights of the accused are fully respected, while taking into account the practical constraints that limit China’s ability to implement human rights standards. Link to Article

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, Resolution concerning the law applicable to emergency situations

This document interprets  the scope of the prohibition of the suspension of the judicial guarantees essential for the protection of the rights mentioned in Article 27(2) of the American Convention on Human Rights. Link to Document

Report on Terrorism and Human Rights

This report elaborates on the manner in which international human rights requirements regulate state conduct in responding to terrorist threats. This section of the report presents legal arguments for the applicability of fair trial practices in terrorism cases. Link to Report

The Death Penalty Project: Authorities Database

This database documents judgments and other documents from jurisdictions around the world relating to fair trial rights  and the death penalty. Link to Database

African Human Rights Case Law Database: Fair Trial

This database indexes cases relating to fair trial  rights in more than 40 African states, in national and international courts, as well as United Nations teaty bodies. Link to Dtabase