Promoting better human rights practices in security sector reforms implemented in Lebanon

The Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (Lebanon) Enhancing communication between the Lebanese security sector and all stakeholders Strengthening ALEF’s advocacy towards security sector reform Sept 2016 – February 2017 […]

The Syrian Refugees Monitoring Unit (SRMU)

To address policy directives at the national, regional and international level affecting Syrian refugees in Lebanon on matters of protection and durable solutions To promote a rights-based approach to assistance, relief, and programming of the humanitarian community working in Lebanon 2012 – Present PAX (Netherlands) […]

Child Lead Data Collection – MANARA Network

Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA)  PKL Conduct Child led data collection & child led advocacy 2015 – 2016 Arab Network for Child Rights (MANARA) Save the Children International  Nabaa Organization […]

Towards Increased Protection for MDWs in Lebanon

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation To Raise awareness on migrant workers’ issues and enhance and support already existing protection mechanisms as well as lobby for more protection and reforms on the embassies, GSO and MOL level 2015 – 2018 […]

Engaging Communities in Tackling Security Challenges

Swiss federal department of Foreign Affairs- Human Security Division Tackle the continuously increasing tensions among the Lebanese and Syrian communities that are widening the pre-existing divide in the Lebanese social structure by working on changing mutual perceptions, especially ones related to the worsening security situation, of both Syrian and Lebanese selected communities as well as mitigating potential community-based conflicts among them 2015 – 2016 Arc-en-Ciel, Moubadarat Shababiya, Education Program in Lebanon. […]

Building Local Capacities for Peace

Porticus 2014 – 2016 PAX – Netherlands […]

Towards Realizing the Right to Fair Trial

European Union Contribute to increased fulfilment by the Lebanese authorities of their obligations with respect to human rights by ensuring fair trials. Better monitoring and documentation of violations of the right to fair trial in the Lebanese judiciary systems through establishment of new and improvement of existing mechanisms and tools. 2014 – 2016 Lebanese Center for Policy Studies La Sagesse University Human Rights Legal Clinic […]

Towards Protection – Friendly Local Governance

Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) Build the capacity of municipalities in the areas of human rights, refugee protection policies, conflict prevention and resolution Engage Lebanese and Syrian communities in joint development initiatives. 2014 – 2016 […]

Everyone Gains: Promoting Women’s Socio-Economic Empowerment in Lebanon

Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) Create a strong shift from confrontational advocacy towards cooperation and coordination on women rights issues To increase the quality of media coverage of women’s rights issues, countering the negative and stereotypical portrayal of women. To provide women’s organizations with ways to engage media and create visibility for their campaign 2013 – 2015 Search for Common Grounds […]

Promoting for a Better Protection Mechanism Against Arbitrary Arrest, Lengthy Pre-Trial Detention and Long Delays in Trial

European Union To create civil and communal awareness, To facilitate effective monitoring and reporting of these violations, To put in place and enforce a legal protection framework for people deprived of their liberty. 2011 – 2014 Penal Reform International […]