ALEF – Act for Human Rights is deeply concerned about increasing infringements on freedom of assembly and freedom of expression, as evidenced by the recent actions taken by the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) to prevent citizens to protest in the perimeters of the Lebanese Parliament. While every government has the right to take appropriate action to maintain peace and security, the government also has an obligation to protect the rights of individuals. ALEF – Act for Human Rights condemns the excessive use of force against the protesters and the violent dispersion of the sit-in in the perimeters of the Parliament.

In less than a week, another civil society protest was violently aggressed by the LAF in the same location. Chaml and the Civil Campaign for Electoral Reform (CCER) activists were brutally hit by the LAF in charge of Parliament security. CCER activists affirmed being severely hit and transferred to hospital, while Chaml’s activists were subject to a series of insults, harassments and arrests followed by threats of torture and rape.


ALEF – Act for Human Rights urges the Lebanese Government to take the necessary steps to ensure the promotion and the protection of the fundamental rights and freedoms of all individuals. Furthermore, ALEF – Act for Human Rights calls upon the authorities to open an independent, impartial and prompt investigation into the brutal attacks against the protesters, and hold those responsible accountable.