Continuous instability and conflict in Lebanon, accompanied by a lack of both political will and public awareness of certain rights, have not only hampered the possibility of achieving a sustainable state-building process, but have also resulted in a weak rule of law. This threatens the promotion of human rights, while weakening citizens’ trust in the state.

For this reason, there is an urgent need to mobilize both, the community, as well as policymakers towards the protection, respect, and fulfillment of human rights. The Human Rights Violations Monitoring Unit (HRVMU) is an ongoing project within ALEF’s Monitoring and Advocacy Program. Through HRMVU, ALEF hopes to build the individual and collective capacity of civil society organizations in Lebanon, to monitor human rights violations, and to hold stakeholders accountable for their obligation under international human rights law.

The project provides a preliminary analysis by shedding light on Lebanon’s progress and regression in the most pressing human rights issues. ALEF uses reports, studies, and other publications on various human rights-related issues to analyze where Lebanon stands currently on human rights issues. ALEF’s expertise in international human rights law, international humanitarian law, as well as national and regional legal mechanisms contributes to the monitoring and documentation process, which in turn feeds into ALEF’s evidence- based lobbying and advocacy efforts.

The HRVMU has been successful in publishing a series of annual reports, studies, and publications. These reflect the current human rights situation in Lebanon, and recommend actions to be taken by key stakeholders in order to improve the respect for human rights