Alhaya Haque, meaning life is right in Arabic, is an eighteen-month project that aims to contribute to the abolishment of the death penalty in Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt. Recognizing the difficulties that activists face in advocating against the death penalty in these countries, ALEF and its partners view the collaborative work of five organizations in four countries to be more effective than country focused actions Based on this idea the partners aim to lead a change in public and official perceptions on the death penalty.


The project seeks to create a change in public opinion by adopting two equally important actions. Primarily, the program will target public opinion to encourage citizens to be involved and understand the consequences of the death penalty. Nonetheless, it is not sufficient for such a change to only materialize; it must also influence official attitudes and perceptions regarding the death penalty. ALEF will target officials in the justice system as well as decision makers, such as legislators, ministers of justice and other high-ranking officials.