A lack of reconciliation of tensions between Lebanese and Syrians and the current political fragmentation in Lebanon have created an environment of mistrust and animosity in Lebanon. This situation has deeply affected youth in Lebanon. Violent clashes amongst groups from different political parties and communities are reemerging with many incidents taking place in universities and conflict- sensitive areas

ALEF’s project mobilized, empowered and provided youth with the opportunity to get involved in their community and speak out against violence.

The group of volunteers who were involved in past successful projects made the training modules used in 2007 and 2009, revised them and adapted them to become part of the toolkit used for ALEF’s current project; the toolkit acts as a guide and support youth in their community actions.

Project goal

To promote a culture of peace-building and respect for human rights amongst Lebanese youth from different backgrounds

The specific objectives:

  • Produce a “toolkit” for community youth based on the project, implemented and evaluated by youth
  • Enhance the skills of youth training in ALEF’s project, “Peace Building and Human Rights” to act as community peace makers and local multipliers in their communities
  • Promote positive empowerment of youth in Lebanese communities

Target group:

ALEF believes that the youth are the main actor of change, thus the project will target directly the youth and empower them through several working methodologies/approaches adopted by ALEF such as the community based reconciliation; and Community Youth Development