The Working Group for Persons Affected by the Syrian Crisis in Lebanon (WG PASC) is a voluntary, inter-organizational network of 31 local CSOs, facilitated by ALEF – act for human rights. Open to all local CSOs working with individuals affected by the Syrian crisis, WG PASC aims to enhance the capacity and influence of CSOs in Lebanon to advocate for policies that better address the needs of vulnerable refugees and host communities. This brief, produced ahead of the Brussels VIII Conference on Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region (BXL8), outlines WG PASC’s perspectives on the evolving context in Lebanon, key issues concerning Syrian refugees, and expectations for the conference, with policy recommendations.

Based on interviews conducted by ALEF with WG PASC members, the brief highlights critical issues such as the economic crisis’s impact on marginalized populations, rising hate speech against refugees, and the securitization of the refugee issue. The situation remains fluid, with ongoing crackdowns on refugees, increased vulnerabilities, and a pressing need for innovative, durable solutions. BXL8 offers a platform for stakeholders to address these challenges collaboratively.

WG PASC’s main expectations for the conference include prioritizing economic and social factors, increasing needs-based funding, ensuring transparent grant allocation, and adopting a comprehensive approach that addresses both immediate humanitarian needs and long-term solutions. The brief emphasizes the necessity of addressing hate speech and the securitization of the refugee issue, advocating for a human rights-based approach that upholds the dignity and rights of all individuals, regardless of legal status, sexual orientation, or gender identity. The Lebanese government is urged to avoid overly securitized measures and instead focus on protecting human rights and dignity. Moving forward, concerted efforts and collaborative initiatives will be essential to address the complex challenges faced by Syrians and host communities, ensuring a future anchored in human rights and durable solutions.