Diversity & Citizenship: A selective teaching of notions

Lebanon has been going through a long series of crises since the end of summer 2019. From a financial collapse to socio-economic hardships coupled with a political deadlock, civil unrest, and a massive explosion that destroyed large parts of the capital Beirut, the country has not been able to address the most basic needs of [...]

Access to Education: Submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review

This submission is presented for consideration as part of the Universal Periodic Review Stakeholder Report. It includes a summary of the human rights conditions in Lebanon along with recommendations on how the Lebanese government can improve these conditions and put an end to violations Lebanon was among the first that signed the Convention on the [...]

ALEF Annual Report 2016

As in previous years, the Lebanese government has taken some positive steps towards promoting human rights in 2016, but has missed several opportunities to uphold the country’s international obligations, and failed to address major protection concerns of the general population. The Lebanese criminal justice system continues to overlook many of the international standards set by [...]

Two Years On: The Syrian Refugee Situation in Lebanon

According to the UNHCR, by the end of September 2013, there were over 700,000 registered Syrian refugees in Lebanon, and more than a million on Lebanese territory. Three quarters of the refugee population are women and children, spread out over 1,200 locations in Lebanon. Most of the Syrian refugees live in the Bekaa valley and [...]