Fair Trial

Annual Report 2015

The following report highlights Lebanon’s improvements and setbacks of the most pressing human rights issues in 2015. The Lebanese government has shown a willingness to comply with certain human rights matters, however it clearly lacks the capacity and funds to improve legislation, enforce laws, and report to the United Nations (UN) properly. With regard to [...]

Towards Realizing the Right to Fair Trial

European Union Contribute to increased fulfilment by the Lebanese authorities of their obligations with respect to human rights by ensuring fair trials. Better monitoring and documentation of violations of the right to fair trial in the Lebanese judiciary systems through establishment of new and improvement of existing mechanisms and tools. 2014 – 2016 Lebanese Center for Policy Studies La Sagesse University Human Rights Legal Clinic […]

Annual Report 2013

Lebanon’s 20th century civil war not only destabilized Lebanon, but also devastated the country’s development and protection of human rights. Its domestic legal order is now dysfunctional and often does not operate independently from the government. Today, the judicial system is subject to the whimsical decisions of statesmen and is constantly hijacked by opposing forces, [...]

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Lebanon’s crippling, fifteen-year civil war and corrupt political system have created pitiable law enforcement practices and inadequate legislation that do not protect the rights and freedoms of the suspect, accused or convicted. Today, research has revealed that there is rampant arbitrary detention in Lebanon. Suspects are routinely held in police stations or courthouse holding cells [...]

Liban: Tarek Rabaa en grève de la faim depuis deux semaines Des organisations de défense des droits de l’homme exigent sa libération immédiate

Liban: Tarek Rabaa en grève de la faim depuis deux semaines Des organisations de défense des droits de l’homme exigent sa libération immédiate Tarek Rabaa a entamé une grève de la faim il y a deux semaines. Alors que son procès devant le tribunal militaire de Beyrouth est toujours en cours, les organisations de défense [...]

Lebanon: Two weeks of hunger strike for Mr. Tarek Rabaa Human rights organizations demand his immediate release

Lebanon: Two weeks of hunger strike for Mr. Tarek Rabaa Human rights organizations demand his immediate release   Mr. Tarek Rabaa has been on hunger strike for 2 weeks. The undersigned organizations demand his immediate release pending trial, which would effectively end the excessive period of pre-trial detention for which he has been held. Furthermore, we [...]

Promoting for a Better Protection Mechanism Against Arbitrary Arrest, Lengthy Pre-Trial Detention and Long Delays in Trial

European Union To create civil and communal awareness, To facilitate effective monitoring and reporting of these violations, To put in place and enforce a legal protection framework for people deprived of their liberty. 2011 – 2014 Penal Reform International […]

Military Tribunal: A Breach in the Integrity of the Judicial System

The Military Tribunal raises several concerns in regards to human rights and the rule of law in Lebanon. Its current jurisdiction allows for the tribunal to transgress the right to be tried before a competent, independent and impartial court established by law. This allows for military investigators to torture suspects, force suspects into arbitrary detention, [...]

Annual Report 2002

Even if it is extremely hard to generalize a comparison between the current situation of Human Rights in Lebanon to its past, we still consider that some few points are comparable. Certain violations reflect the authorities’ attitude and the priority that they give to the respect of Human Rights in their agenda. Our report will [...]