Independence and Impartiality of the Judges

State of Emergency: Challenges to human rights obligations

ALEF- act for human rights is deeply concerned with the extensions of the state of emergency in Beirut. Following years of raising the alarm about a shrinking civic space, this decision can lead to more intimidation, repression, and abuse. Concerns on State of Emergency in BeirutDownload

August 4 Blast: Concerns on Investigative and Accountability Capacities

This short brief explores from ALEF's perspectives and experience the concerns with respect to the inquiries and prosecutions related to the August 4 - Beirut Port Blast. ALEF- act for human rights is particularly concerned with the ability, willingness and capacity of the Lebanese authorities to lead a proper investigation since the legal and justice [...]

Conditions of Detention in Lebanon: Submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review

In Lebanon, prisons and detention centers are chronically overcrowded. The World Prison Brief ranks the Lebanese prison and detention system as the 34 most overcrowded in the world. Severe overcrowding in prisons and detention centers has resulted in conditions that pose a significant threat to the health, safety, and dignity of detainees. Only Roumieh prison [...]

Public Access and the Right to a Fair Trial in China

This article describes  the system through which the public is allowed access to trials in China, and the challenges which this poses to the transparency of the Chinese justice system. Link to Article

Can growing pressure make Lebanon’s army reform its military courts

This article analyzes the challenges which the Lebanese mulitary Court poses to the Lebanese justice system. Link to Article

Promoting the rule of law and integrity in the Arab world

This report offers a contextual background on the state of the judiciary in Lebanon, analyzes the principles which govern it, and presents needed policy recommendations. Link to Report

Marshalling Justice in Lebanon: How Military Courts Violate the Conditions of a Fair Trial

This article explains the structure and functionality of the Lebanese Military Court, and how it violates the most basic principles of the fair administration of justice. Link to Article

General Comment No. 32 Article 14: Right to equality before courts and tribunals and to a fair trial

In this General Comment, the Human Rights Committee  notes that the trial of civilians in military or special courts may raise serious problems as far as the equitable, impartial and independent administration of justice is concerned. Link to Document

Basic Principles on the Independence of the Judiciary

This article presents the basic principles of the independence of the judiciary which have been formulated to assist Member States in their task of securing and promoting the independence of the judiciary. Link to article