Two Years On: The Syrian Refugee Situation in Lebanon

According to the UNHCR, by the end of September 2013, there were over 700,000 registered Syrian refugees in Lebanon, and more than a million on Lebanese territory. Three quarters of the refugee population are women and children, spread out over 1,200 locations in Lebanon. Most of the Syrian refugees live in the Bekaa valley and [...]

Displacement and Return Monitoring Unit (DRMU)

IKV Pax Christi Monitor the respect of human rights, especially those of vulnerable groups, inside new displacement camps. Monitor the return conditions of the displaced population after the cessation of hostilities in Ma7 2007. 2007 […]

The Status of the Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon (1999)

L’objectif de ce rapport est de relater la situation des droits de l’homme au sein de la Communauté palestinienne résidant au Liban. Préparé conjointement par la Fondation des droits de l’homme et du droit humanitaire (Liban) et par l’Association Nouveaux droits de l’Homme– International (Mission au Liban), il est le résultat de maintes visites, rencontres [...]