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Taking on the Triple Crisis: Civil society perspectives on supporting Lebanon in its response to the concurrent Syria, economic and health crises.

Close to ten years into the Syria crisis, Lebanon is more fragile now than ever before, reducing its immediate ability to provide asylum space to refugees. The likely deterioration of the economic situation in Lebanon into 2020, will require both the humanitarian and development community to respond to increasing needs amongst refugees (both Syrian and [...]

Child Protection – Brief

This brief has been produced by the Persons Affected by the Syrian Crisis Network (PASC) ahead of the Brussels IV Conference on Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region. PASC is a network of 27 local Non-Governmental Organizations supporting vulnerable Lebanese, Syrians, and Palestinians. It aims to amplify the capacity and influence of its [...]

The Human Rights Implications of Quarantine Measures to Address COVID-19

This policy brief builds upon and supports the National Human Rights Commission’s statement on the need to respect human rights in the response against COVID-19. As the National Emergency Task Force for COVID-19 plans to introduce further quarantine measures to contain and delay the spread of the virus it is critical that the human rights [...]

Forced Deportations to Syria: Rights Organizations Call on Lebanon to Respect the Rule of Law

Eight Lebanese organizations have called on Lebanese authorities to respect the rule of law and ensure that Syrian nationals have the right of defense against forcible deportation to Syria. These organizations are: The Legal Agenda, Frontiers Rights, Alef, Lebanese Center for Human Rights, Umam for Documentation and Research, Lebanon Support, SMEX and Lebanese Labor Watch. [...]

Keeping Track of Commitments

by Francisca AnkrahPrograms Manager, ALEF act for human rights The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) has often been criticized by governments and NGOs alike as inefficient, which is certainly the case when states treat it exclusively as an elaborate reporting exercise that repeats itself every five years. The UPR’s purpose lies in its process more than [...]

نشرت منظمة ألف-تحرك من أجل حقوق الإنسان تقريرها السنوي عن أهم التحديات والتطورات التي طرأت على واقع حقوق الإنسان في لبنان خلال عام 2018.

10 نيسان 2019 بيان صحفي منظمة الف - تحرك من أجل حقوق الانسان التقرير السنوي عن حالة حقوق الانسان في لبنان - 2018 نشرت منظمة ألف-تحرك من أجل حقوق الإنسان تقريرها السنوي عن أهم التحديات والتطورات التي طرأت على واقع حقوق الإنسان في لبنان خلال عام 2018. بداية, سرد د. إيلي أبو عون، الأمين العام، [...]

ALEF publishes its Annual Report

April 10, 2019 ALEF – Act for Human Rights published its annual report on the most critical challenges and developments to human rights in Lebanon in 2018. Dr. Elie Abou Aoun, ALEF’s Secretary General, highlighted some positive, although delayed, steps which were taken by Lebanese authorities promoting in human rights. These included holding the Parliamentary [...]

Annual Report 2018

The Situation of Human Rights in Lebanon In 2018, the Lebanese government took some positive steps towards promoting human rights and showed willingness to comply with certain human rights matters. However, it clearly lacked the capacity and political will to further improve legislation, enforce laws, uphold the country’s international obligations, and create meaningful change. This [...]

Towards Increased Protection for Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon – Protection Framework

The current system of recruiting and employing migrant domestic workers (MDWs) in Lebanon generates abuse, inefficiency, and injustices. ALEF – Act for Human Rights has therefore produced this Protection Framework to analyze the problems and propose solutions to the MDW employment system. This Protection Framework was developed through desk research and consultative meetings with stakeholders. [...]

Progress on the Recommendations of the Second Cycle of Lebanon’s Universal Periodic Review: the Rights of Migrants and the Prohibition of Slavery and Trafficking

Migrant domestic workers in Lebanon face widespread human rights violations and poor protection caused by the sponsorship system, among other violations, that transforms the status of migrant workers to victims of trafficking as well as by the weak Lebanese protection framework which renders migrant workers constantly at risk of abuse. As the violations to their [...]