This brief has been produced by the Persons Affected by the Syrian Crisis Working Group (PASC WG) ahead of the Brussels V Conference on Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region. The PASC WG is a network of 26 local Non-Governmental Organizations supporting vulnerable Lebanese, Syrians, and Palestinians. It aims to amplify the capacity and influence of its members, increasing their ability to monitor, advocate, and discuss research findings on key national and international trends and issues pertaining to human rights and protection in Lebanon. As part of its mandate to advocate for a future anchored in human rights, the PASC WG has been advocating and researching on a series of issues to shed a light on the most important and pressing protection challenges pertaining to child protection, forced evictions, the right to work, and deportations.

This year, due to the economic depression and change of country circumstances, the PASC WG expanded its research focus to include information on attempts at migration, restrictions on freedom of movement, the rise in social tensions, and sexual and gender-based violence. As such, the PASC WG’s briefs for the Brussels V Conference are set out as follows: (1) Evictions and Social Tensions; (2) Documentation and Deportations; (3) Child Protection and SGBV; and (4) Migration and Freedom of Movement.