The deterioration of the financial and socio-economic situations in Lebanon, coupled by the Lebanese protests and the COVID-19 pandemic, will require much humanitarian and development support to respond to the needs of refugees but as well the Lebanese host community.

Social stability that is under threat while protection issues such as access to legal documentation, SGBV, forced evictions and deportations have increased. The onset of COVID-19 has exacerbated socio-economic vulnerability, with the full extent of related lockdown measures not yet revealed. Worrying signs are already seen with inflation of the Lebanese lira, which is wiping out the value of incomes and aid assistance, in addition to rapidly rising unemployment.

This submission is presented for consideration as part of the Universal Periodic Review Stakeholder Report. It includes a summary of the human rights conditions in Lebanon along with recommendations on how the Lebanese government can improve these conditions and put an end to violations

This report is submitted by the following NGOs and Networks:
ALEF – act for Human Rights
Basmeh and Zeitouneh
House of Peace
PAX for Peace
WG PASC (Working Group for the Persons Affected by the Syrian Crisis)
Refugee Protection Watch (RPW)
Manara Network