Lebanon has adhered to a number of human rights treaties that address health-related rights, and guarantee to protect the health of its population. Lebanon has a strong private health sector, nevertheless, there are vast regional health disparities amongst the population. The inefficiency of the healthcare system, high cost of health insurance, unhealthy life conditions, and lack of awareness and ignorance of hygiene basics are some of the many health problems that Lebanese citizens face.

As part of a series of publications prepared by ALEF’s Human Rights Violations Monitoring Unit, this report aims at shedding light on the framework of the Lebanese healthcare system, its health policy and financing, and the rights of patients. The paper will reveal the status of the Lebanese healthcare system, local health disparities, and discuss sensitive issues such as abortion and HIV/AIDS with civil societies and key stakeholders. It also puts forward a series of recommendations key stakeholders must take into consideration in order to strengthen the Lebanese healthcare system.

Report: Right to Health