The decree contradicts basic Human rights principles and violates most of the international instruments:

-Universal Declaration of Human rights – 1948. -International covenant on civil and political rights – 1966. -International covenant on economic and social rights 1966. -International convention on child’s rights.

As it is known, ratifying a treaty is legally binding for the State party. Moreover, according to article 2 of the Lebanese civil code modified in 1983, the application of these treaties is compulsory even when this is in contradiction with the ordinary laws set by the parliament or the decrees decided by the council of ministers. Thus applying the treaties is only preceded by constitutional rules. Note that the Lebanese constitution, amended on the 21/9/1990 mentioned in article 7 “All Lebanese are equal in rights, civil, and political obligations”, in addition to different articles stressing public liberties protection and adherence to human rights instruments.

Full Report: Comments on the decree 6997 (March 2003)- Eng

Commentaire sur le décret 6997