Freedom of Assembly

The Use of Force in Lebanon

Overview of the Enforced Legal Framework Monitoring and Analyzing the Human Rights Violations Committed during the Past Five Years The image of police officers is often associated with the exercise of force, though most police operations do not necessitate the use force. Only a handful of tasks require the use of force or the threat [...]

Lebanon’s Political rights and Freedoms: A submission to the Universal Periodic Review

The following report highlights Lebanon’s improvements and setbacks in a series of most pressing human rights issues throughout the implementation phase of the second cycle following Lebanon’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR) in 2015. The country, currently going through a series of crises such as the Lebanese protests that started on October 17, 2019, the financial [...]

Threats to Civic Space: Submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review

This submission is presented for consideration as part of the Universal Periodic Review Stakeholder Report. It includes a summary of the human rights conditions in Lebanon along with recommendations on how the Lebanese government can improve these conditions and put an end to violations. This report on freedom of religion and belief, freedom of expression [...]

تعرب ألف – تحرّك من أجل حقوق الإنسان عن قلقها الشديد حيال القرار المزعوم الذي صدر مؤخرًا بشأن الملاحقة الجنائيّة لكلّ من ينتقد رئيس الجمهوريّة مما من شأنه، في حال ثبتت صحّته، أن يحدّ من حريّة التعبير في لبنان.

بتاريخ 16 حزيران/يونيو 2020، أفاد موقع Lebanon Debate بأنّ المدعي العام التمييزي القاضي غسّان عويدات هدد بإقامة ملاحقة "جنائيّة" بحقّ أي فردٍ متورّط في نشر تعليقات "عدائيّة" على وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي بحق رئاسة الجمهوريّة. في حال تأكّدت صحّة هذا القرار، فسيشكّل صفعةً جديّة للحريّات في لبنان. فعند انتخاب الرئيس ميشال عون، أشادت ألف بالإعلان الصادر [...]

ALEF- act for human rights is deeply concerned by the recent alleged decision to criminally prosecute critics of the President of the Republic, which, if accurate, will further curb the freedom of expression in Lebanon.

On June 16, 2020, Lebanon Debate reported that the public prosecutor Mr. Ghassan Ouaidate threatened to “criminally” prosecute any individual involved in posting social media comments “offensive” to the Presidency of the Republic.   If verified, this decision would be a  serious setback for the freedoms in Lebanon. Upon the election of President Michel Aoun, [...]

Annual Report 2018

The Situation of Human Rights in Lebanon In 2018, the Lebanese government took some positive steps towards promoting human rights and showed willingness to comply with certain human rights matters. However, it clearly lacked the capacity and political will to further improve legislation, enforce laws, uphold the country’s international obligations, and create meaningful change. This [...]

The Situation of Human Rights in Lebanon -2017

In 2017, Lebanese Parliament amended and passed several laws that improve human rights in Lebanon and reaffirm the realization of several efforts by Lebanese civil society in areas concerning elections, transparency, women’s rights, and torture prevention. Recent legislative reforms include changing the electoral law and the prohibition of marital rape, as well as the criminalization [...]

ALEF Annual Report 2016

As in previous years, the Lebanese government has taken some positive steps towards promoting human rights in 2016, but has missed several opportunities to uphold the country’s international obligations, and failed to address major protection concerns of the general population. The Lebanese criminal justice system continues to overlook many of the international standards set by [...]

Annual Report 2015

The following report highlights Lebanon’s improvements and setbacks of the most pressing human rights issues in 2015. The Lebanese government has shown a willingness to comply with certain human rights matters, however it clearly lacks the capacity and funds to improve legislation, enforce laws, and report to the United Nations (UN) properly. With regard to [...]

Waste Management Demonstrations Documentation of Main Human Rights Violations Committed

In the summer of 2015, Lebanon’s streets were lined with trash. Sukleen, a trash company’s, contract was up and parliament could not decide who would be replacing it. The smell became so unbearable thousands of Lebanese rose to the streets in protest. A campaign that gained international fame called You Stink was thought to be [...]