Freedom of Assembly

Youth Organizations in Lebanon (2003)

The decree contradicts basic Human rights principles and violates most of the international instruments: -Universal Declaration of Human rights - 1948. -International covenant on civil and political rights - 1966. -International covenant on economic and social rights 1966. -International convention on child’s rights. As it is known, ratifying a treaty is legally binding for the [...]

Annual Report 2002

Even if it is extremely hard to generalize a comparison between the current situation of Human Rights in Lebanon to its past, we still consider that some few points are comparable. Certain violations reflect the authorities’ attitude and the priority that they give to the respect of Human Rights in their agenda. Our report will [...]

Observations on the Legislative Elections Held in the Year 2000

This report aims at showcasing the practices and violations documented during the parliamentary elections of the year 2000. Full Report: Rapport sur les elections legislatives libanaises - 2000 -Fr

A shadow report on Civil and Political rights in Lebanon – 1997

Ce rapport examinera les libertés individuelles (surtout politiques et juridiques) dans sa première partie, les droits collectifs (socio-économiques) dans la seconde, alors que la troisième partie traitera de l’environnement. Full Report: Rapport sur les droits de l’Homme au Liban - 1997 -Fr