Freedom of Counscious

Annual Report 2018

The Situation of Human Rights in Lebanon In 2018, the Lebanese government took some positive steps towards promoting human rights and showed willingness to comply with certain human rights matters. However, it clearly lacked the capacity and political will to further improve legislation, enforce laws, uphold the country’s international obligations, and create meaningful change. This [...]

The Situation of Human Rights in Lebanon -2017

In 2017, Lebanese Parliament amended and passed several laws that improve human rights in Lebanon and reaffirm the realization of several efforts by Lebanese civil society in areas concerning elections, transparency, women’s rights, and torture prevention. Recent legislative reforms include changing the electoral law and the prohibition of marital rape, as well as the criminalization [...]

ALEF Annual Report 2016

As in previous years, the Lebanese government has taken some positive steps towards promoting human rights in 2016, but has missed several opportunities to uphold the country’s international obligations, and failed to address major protection concerns of the general population. The Lebanese criminal justice system continues to overlook many of the international standards set by [...]

في الرقابة…

د. ايلي أبو عون 1 أمين عام جمعية ألف–تحرك من أجل حقوق الأنسان أستاذ محاضر (زائر) في مادة حقوق الأنسان استعرت مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي مرة جديدة ابان اطلاق اغنية ميريام كلينك و استفاق الجدل عن الرقابة و دور الدولة في حماية القيم الاجتماعية. رغم أن الانقسام حول أغنية كلينك لم يكن بنفس الحدية التي رأيناها [...]

Annual Report 2015

The following report highlights Lebanon’s improvements and setbacks of the most pressing human rights issues in 2015. The Lebanese government has shown a willingness to comply with certain human rights matters, however it clearly lacks the capacity and funds to improve legislation, enforce laws, and report to the United Nations (UN) properly. With regard to [...]

Annual Report 2013

Lebanon’s 20th century civil war not only destabilized Lebanon, but also devastated the country’s development and protection of human rights. Its domestic legal order is now dysfunctional and often does not operate independently from the government. Today, the judicial system is subject to the whimsical decisions of statesmen and is constantly hijacked by opposing forces, [...]

Annual Report 2002

Even if it is extremely hard to generalize a comparison between the current situation of Human Rights in Lebanon to its past, we still consider that some few points are comparable. Certain violations reflect the authorities’ attitude and the priority that they give to the respect of Human Rights in their agenda. Our report will [...]

A shadow report on Civil and Political rights in Lebanon – 1997

Ce rapport examinera les libertés individuelles (surtout politiques et juridiques) dans sa première partie, les droits collectifs (socio-économiques) dans la seconde, alors que la troisième partie traitera de l’environnement. Full Report: Rapport sur les droits de l’Homme au Liban - 1997 -Fr