Conflict Management

Human rights and humanitarian law concerns

ALEF – act for human rights is profoundly disturbed by the recent violations of international humanitarian law (IHL) committed by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in its operations in Southern Lebanon as well as several Lebanon based non-state armed groups and strongly calls, short of a cessation of hostilities, for the full respect of IHL [...]

Peacebuilding and Social Stability Challenges Faced by Municipalities within a Context of Ongoing Crises in Lebanon

In order to better understand the challenges faced by local governments, at the frontlines of community relations, ALEF conducted series of semi structured interviews with various stakeholders from municipalities across Lebanon to assess the current state of local authorities. To do so, ALEF selected several municipalities across Lebanon based on their diverse demographic composition to [...]

In the Name of Religion: Women’s unequal rights in Lebanon

Freedom of religion or belief must not be used for ends that conflict with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights or other applicable human rights instruments. In Lebanon, religion has a significant impact on the social, political. As a result, the overall situation of women is impacted. The dominant culture and religions are key influencers in gender-based discrimination. [...]

ALEF – Act for Human Rights is deeply concerned by the recent allegations of torture of civilians detained by the Military Court, calling for an immediate inquiry by independent and competent judicial authorities.

In the aftermath of the violent Tayouneh clashes in the Chiyah area of the southern suburb of Beirut on the 14th of October 2021, more than 20 civilians were arrested upon the request of the military prosecutor for their alleged involvement in the clashes. Ten days later, more than 60 individuals were charged with murder, [...]

تعرب ألف – تحّرك من أجل حقوق الإنسان عن قلقها الشديد حيال المزاعم الأخرية بشأن تعّرض المدني ري المحتجزين من قبل المحكمة العسكرية إلى التعذيب ، وتدعو إلى إجراء تحقيق فوري من قبل السلطات القضائية المستقلة والمختصة

في أعقاب اشتباكات الطيونة العنيفة التي وقعت في منطقة الشياح في ضاحية بيروت الجنوبية يوم 14 تشرين الأول/أكتوبر 2021، تم اعتقال أكثر من 20 مدنياً بشكل تعسفي بناءً على طلب المدعي العسكري لتورطهم المزعوم في الاشتباكات. وبعد عشرة أيام على الحادثة، وجهت تهم القتل والتحريض وحيازة أسلحة نارية غير مرخصة وتخريب الممتلكات العامة والخاصة إلى [...]

Diversity & Citizenship: A selective teaching of notions

Lebanon has been going through a long series of crises since the end of summer 2019. From a financial collapse to socio-economic hardships coupled with a political deadlock, civil unrest, and a massive explosion that destroyed large parts of the capital Beirut, the country has not been able to address the most basic needs of [...]

Brussels 5 SitRep – Eviction and Social Tension

This brief has been produced by the Persons Affected by the Syrian Crisis Working Group (PASC WG) ahead of the Brussels V Conference on Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region. The PASC WG is a network of 26 local Non-Governmental Organizations supporting vulnerable Lebanese, Syrians, and Palestinians. It aims to amplify the capacity [...]

Perceptions of Security Among Syrian Refugees and Lebanese Host Community – Al Marj Bekaa

With more than one million Syrian refugees in Lebanon, the country has reached the highest rate of refugees to residents in the world today1. This reality presents, without a doubt, a very serious challenge to the security and stability of Lebanon in a region that is already in turmoil. The international community has unanimously and [...]

Municipalities in the Protection of Human and Refugee Rights

There are currently over one million Syrian refugees situated in Lebanon, seriously impacting its society and political system. However, this number does not cover the total amount of Syrian refugees in Lebanon. There are many who have not registered with the UNHCR since the Lebanese government has temporarily suspended new registration of refugees as of [...]

Engaging Communities in Tackling Security Challenges

Swiss federal department of Foreign Affairs- Human Security Division Tackle the continuously increasing tensions among the Lebanese and Syrian communities that are widening the pre-existing divide in the Lebanese social structure by working on changing mutual perceptions, especially ones related to the worsening security situation, of both Syrian and Lebanese selected communities as well as mitigating potential community-based conflicts among them 2015 – 2016 Arc-en-Ciel, Moubadarat Shababiya, Education Program in Lebanon. […]